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"Predictable Esthetic Success"

The quest for a dental restoration that mimics the elusive qualities of a natural tooth has long eluded the dental profession. Fortunately, the innovative advancements in dental ceramics that incorporate the optical properties of fluorescence and opalescence allow the ceramist to match natural teeth perfectly. However, the reality is that neither the " ceramic or the ceramist" is the total answer. These skills have to be coupled with periodontal plastic procedures and implant site reconstruction to deliver the perfect restoration. Yet despite all these advances, the plethora of inadequate restorations glares at us from every passerby’s smile. These clinical procedures need to be coupled with a sense of communication between the clinician, the patient, and the ceramist. This incorporates integrated communicational and attitudinal change which is the essence for success in your practice! For this reason we have assembled educational opportunities for those who strive for excellence and share a passion for dentistry.

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